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Friday, February 17, 2017

BeerKnox Knews - February 17, 2017

Another run through a few happenings as of late around town for Knoxville beer fans.

  • The TN Beer Run I discussed last time out came to a close on February 13.  21 days of TN beer loving fun rolled back into Knoxville and celebrated with a victory party that night as well.  I am a few days past giving you fair warning to get over and celebrate with them, but I wanted to acknowledge their journey and beer ambassadorship across all of Tennessee.  Congrats to Zack and crew on the successful outing!  Here's an Instagram message from Zack after returning to Knoxville.
  • If you missed it, here is yet another article featuring Marty Velas of Fanatic Brewing.  You can find their beer all over town, still hoping we get a tasting room on site sooner rather than later.
  • I caught a post from our mayor recently on the city receiving help from national non-profit on their planned improvements in the Magnolia Avenue Warehouse District.  Why is this beer related?  Because 2 of Knoxville's breweries happen to sit right in the middle of the area of focus.  Last Days of August and Saw Works are right smack in the middle of the area, and would definitely benefit from improved business and community growth in that area.  They are also already great anchors to help drive the growth as well, since they are already established and thriving.  I think we all should support these efforts from our local brewers and the City of Knoxville.
I am sure I am missing a lot of news since my last time, but I am going to leave this here for now and hope to be back soon with more.  I am taking a trip to Johnson City to hit up Yeehaw, JRH and Johnson City brewing very soon.  Look for a report from that trip right here in the next week or so.