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Friday, June 24, 2016

BeerKnox Knews of the Week - June 23, 2016

The hangover from Knoxville Beer Week 2016 is hopefully mostly burned off by now and time to get rolling again with more local beer news.  Here's a few items of interest from this "post-Beer Week" week...

  • First off is the "Hops in the Hills" craft beer festival down in Maryville.  There are several events leading up to the big event 4-8 PM Saturday, including a Craft Brew Crawl tonight provided by Knox Brew Tours.  $10 tonight 6-11 PM and buses will run continuously between 6 different locations in the Maryville area including their own Bluetick Brewery.  Sounds like a sweet deal.  $40 gets you in to the festival Saturday from 4-8 PM where quite a few breweries look to be on hand.  If you missed the Knoxville Brewfest last weekend, here's your chance to make up for it.
  • Make sure you all check out "Tennessee Craft Beer" magazine's latest cover story on Marty Velas of Fanatic Brewing Company.  The article is written by Rob Shomaker of the Knox Beer Snobs blog (who have a link to BeerKnox on their site...thanks Rob!).  It is a great article on a cool guy, who is a great ambassador for the Knoxville beer scene.  I had the privilege to tour Fanatic recently with Marty and will have a full dedicated post on BeerKnox detailing that visit hopefully later today.
  • Earlier this week Knox. Beer. Life. posted another great article at Uproxx on Matthew Cummings of Knoxville's own Pretentious Glass Company.  What a great asset to have a great thinker looking to enhance the enjoyment of beer in a budding beer town.  We are lucky here folks.
  • Not exactly beer related but Cruze Farm Milk Bar is opening on Union this Friday.  Yum.
  • I need to try a Crowler at Alliance.  Has anyone tried?  Better or different than your standard glass growler?
  • In the next week downtown Knoxville will have the Maple Hall bowling alley open to the general public, located below Babalu.  Inside of Knoxville has a great story and pictures.  5 local craft beers and Miller High Life will be on tap.  This place looks awesome.
If I am missing a story you'd want featured or want to comment on anything please shoot me an email at beerknox@gmail.com or reach me on Twitter @beerknox1.  If it is local and beer related I will add it here.

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  1. In answer to your question about crowlers... I love them. Better than glass growlers in that they stay fresh for much longer. Have kept one for four weeks and it tasted fresh, as if just out of the tap. We took four of these from Alliance up to Wisconsin with us for a family reunion. They were much appreciated and well received. And they travel very well too. Two thumbs up for crowlers.