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Monday, January 30, 2017

BeerKnox Knews - January 30, 2017

Had a bit of an unplanned hiatus from posts here, but will be trying to keep up a bit better and at least post things semi-regularly from here on out.

For a little catching up....

  • While I was away the TN law changed to allow higher gravity beer to be sold everywhere beer is sold in our great state.  Great news for beer lovers like ourselves.  This also means local brewers are coming out with newer options to take advantage.  I hope to be posting more about those options in the coming weeks and months.
  • Our local Knox Brew Tours favorite, Zack Roscop, and friends are currently in the midst of "the TN Beer Run".  Hitting 76 Tennessee brewers across the whole state in 21 days.  To say I am jealous is a huge understatement.  Keep up with their progress on Facebook here.
  • Since I am getting back up to speed here I won't drone on forever.  I will end with a very recent piece of Knews.  The website ratebeer.com released a "best of" list for 2016 and best brewer in TN went to Blackberry Farms and best new brewer to Alliance Brewing Company.  Congrats to both and way to represent East TN!
Stay tuned for more Knews and an upcoming trip report from myself as I hit Yeehaw and other spots in Johnson City in a few weeks.

Until then...

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