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Monday, May 23, 2016

Knoxville Ale Trail

For a follow-up post I wanted to highlight the Knoxville Ale Trail.  The website from what I understand is a collaborative effort between KABA (The Knoxville Area Brewers Association) and Visit Knoxville, which is the official convention and visitors bureau for Knoxville.  The website is a great start to promoting the local beer scene here and getting an actual tourism organization involved is a great sign of the potential the city sees in what is happening with beer options in this town.  More out of town visitors and customers to our favorite breweries only helps keep them all here for our local enjoyment.  Let's hope this is a long and successful partnership.

The trail itself is not so much an actual trail you follow as it is a map and listing of all of the options available around town.  You are left to forge your own path to visit them all, on bike, foot or maybe via a car if you can secure a designated driver.  Speaking of designated driver's, Knox Brew Tours has a link on their site and run a great operation visiting several breweries around town while letting them do the driving.  I have been on one tour with them and can highly recommend them.  I hope to take another soon with more options to visit now available and write more about them here after I do.  The site also has information on hours and addresses of the local breweries to visit around town, links to another local beer related blog and other places that serve local craft beer.  The site is a great start to locals and visitors alike looking to find what is available to visit.  So glad they got a centralized listing of all the options going so soon after all of our expanded options opened up.  In looking at the brewery and beer options lists provided, it looks like several more places very well could be added soon as well.

As far as making your own trail from the site, biking is a great option for a few.  Alliance is almost counting on that fact with their placement near the Urban Wilderness bike trails.  A walking tour is becoming more and more possible as well, with several options a walkable distance from each other in and around downtown.  Look for another post on this later, as I hope to do at least one extensive walking tour this summer fitting in as many places as possible along the way.  Share any ideas on that if you have them, and enjoy trying to come up with your own Ale Trail using the resources provided.

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