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Friday, May 20, 2016

Welcome to BeerKnox!

Welcome to what we hope is the start of something interesting and fun.  Knoxville is such a great town for many reasons and has really blossomed as of late.  A big part of Knoxville's recent allure has been a booming craft beer scene that has opened up numerous local beer choices for locals and visitors.  We hope to share a bit about what is out there, whether it be breweries, festivals, retail choices or just bars or pubs to enjoy great craft beer here in Knoxville.  We may even veer off into other areas as well from time to time, only time will tell.

Come back often for the latest and feel free to reach us via any of the social media or email options we've made available.  We'll share what we see and here and look forward to hearing back from you as well.

Thanks and look for the next post real soon!

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