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Friday, August 26, 2016

BeerKnox Knews - August 26, 2016

The latest in Knoxville Beer Knews....

  • Just in time for football time in Tennessee comes news that Saw Works will have 16 oz cans available very soon.  I thought I couldn't love fall in Knoxville any more than I already did.
  • Speaking of fall Yee-Haw has an Oktoberfest out.  Can't wait to try it and other Oktoberfest and other fall beers coming out soon.  There should be plenty, keep your eye out.  I prefer the non-pumpkin flavored ones myself.  
  • Tennessee football kicks off in less than a week and this town is going to be cranking here very soon.  Look for a lot more Knews out soon.  

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